What is a “covenantal culture” and why should we work to build them together?

If you are a Christian, then you are a part of a covenant — God’s covenant — and you belong to that covenant with a host of other believers. This means we are all in a covenant together as a family. Culture is simply religion externalized (Van Til). It is our worldview made evident in the tangible ways we live our lives. Therefore, whatever culture we express, if we are Christian, we are expressing a Christian culture.

As “keepers of the home” we are often keepers of the culture. Women are the guardians of the food, the clothing, the daily rhythms and habits, the child raising, the holiday traditions and rituals, the decor and surroundings of the home, the manners imparted to children, and more. Culture is first manifested in our homes, therefore, we aren’t just home keepers — we are culture keepers. If we are Christians, we are the keepers of a covenantal, Christian culture.

This is a space that aims to encourage and assist women in cultivating a vibrant, God honoring, covenantal culture within our respective homes and communities. From how we clothe our children to the books we read to the meals we fix and the holiday preparations we work towards, we want to bestow loveliness on all of life in a way that testifies to the world that being a part of God’s covenant creates a beautiful culture that we take dominion over and cultivate from all the good things the Lord has provided to His people.

Let’s inspire a covenantal culture as part of our Christian legacy.

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Building and preserving Christian cultures within our covenantal homes to a thousand generations for the glory of the Lord.


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